Loudspeaker Films is an independent production company focused on social justice issues. Our signature projects are TEACHED and On the Loudspeaker.  We also produce content on contract for mission-aligned organizations. Contact us at info@loudspeakerfilms.com for video production inquiries.




After graduating from Georgetown University, Kelly Amis taught in South Central, Los Angeles as a Charter Corps member of Teach for America. She went on to earn a Master's degree in Education Policy from Stanford University and study the Australian education system as a Fulbright Scholar. Kelly has worked for U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein, directed education strategy for Fight for Children, and helped design and launch Building Hope. In 2010, Kelly founded Loudspeaker Films to share stories and amplify voices that need to be heard. Loudspeaker's first project, the TEACHED series, has won numerous film festival awards as well as the TFA Social Innovation Award. Kelly also produces and directs the On the Loudspeaker interview series as well as videos on-contract for select organizations. Watch interviews with Kelly here, read some of her writing here, and follow her on Twitter.

To learn more about Kelly, check out her website www.kellyamis.com.

Kelly Amis

Sergei Krasikov

Sergei Krasikov is a Brooklyn-based independent producer and cinematographer who specializes in challenging documentaries, narrative independent and art films, and creative corporate media solutions. With over nine years in the U.S. film industry, Sergei, who is a native of and former political journalist in Belarus, has accumulated a unique combination of experience that spans every aspect of film/media production. Sergei brings expertise and in-depth understanding to each project's needs, with attention to detail, unabashed creativity and an ability to communicate on camera what needs to be shared with the world. He has served as cinematographer and editor on various Loudspeaker projects including The Blame Game, Unchartered Territory, Stem from Dance, On the Loudspeaker and Think of Calvin. To read more about Sergei's work, go here

Shaka Jamal Redmond

OLU8 founder Shaka Jamal is a culturally innovative artist and talented filmmaker from Oakland, California. His many experiences as film producer, director, cinematographer, editor, writer, performing artist and music producer bring an invaluable perspective to any venture. Shaka is a graduate of Tuskegee University where he earned a BA in History. He then went on to earn a Master’s of Fine Arts in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Shaka is the first filmmaker from Oakland, CA to receive the Game Changers Fellowship which led him to premiere a series of micro-documentaries in New York at Harlem’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. His work has premiered both nationally and internationally on television and in numerous film festivals. For Loudspeaker Films, he has served as cinematographer and editor on several projects including Think of Calvin, On the Loudspeaker and videos for the Emerson Collective.

Vincent Cortez

Vincent Cortez is a Latino storyteller, artist and craftsman. Born, raised and is still based in the diverse Fruitvale community of Oakland CA, Vincent developed a passion for filmmaking at an early age. Since graduating from SFSU’s Cinema Production program, and launching his own production company, Mitchell Street Pictures, along with his wife Sofia, Vincent's films have garnered awards at both international and domestic film festivals in both short and feature-length categories. His work encompasses many roles, including writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor and composer, and has been distributed internationally, in theaters and on national television. Vincent is serving as cinematographer, editor and animated graphics designer for Loudspeaker Films on all of our Oakland-based projects and On the Loudspeaker.

Sanjay Seth

Sanjay Seth has been with Loudspeaker Films from the get-go, designing beautiful and provocative art for the TEACHED website, brochures, posters, DVD packages, t-shirts, programs, etc. He is an experienced graphic designer, clothing designer and photographer currently living in France. He previously worked as a graphic designer for the American Institute of Research in Washington, DC. We highly recommend him for all your graphic design needs. Contact Sanjay here.


Many other talented professionals have contributed to our work. Special thanks to Kate Stilley Steiner, Justin Shipley, Kev Choice, Gwendolyn Barriac, James LeBrecht, Anna-Lena Isaakson, Ri Crawford, Natasha Giler, Art Meyerhoff, Vanessa Mehaouchi, Fatima Nasiyr, Sean Kimber, Cristina Voros & Kevin Crawford. 

Please support our first feature-length film now in production in Oakland, California. Sponsored by the International Documentary Assocation, all donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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